About Us

What we do
We are a housing co -operative society. We offer housing at affordable prices. We build starter units and also sell plots.


Our Motto

Build Capacity overcome limitation


Our Vision
To transform lives through sustainable wealth creation


Our Mission
To create synergy through resource mobilization for positive social transformation


Our Company profile
Royal Housing Co-operative Society Limited is a housing co-operative registered with the Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development under the Co-operative Societies Act (cap.490, Section 6(3)). Our Registration number is. CS/13941 and we were registered on 28th September 2011.


Our History
Royal housing co-operative society Ltd was founded in April 2010 as a Kingdom Enterprise of Royal Life Ministry. It was registered on September 2011 by the Ministry of Co-operative Development & Marketing in Kenya (No. CS/ 13941). REV. SAMUEL NJOROGE MUIGAI & PASTOR ALICE W .MUIGAI were the founding promoters.

In May 2012, RHCS Ltd acquired 18 acres land in JOSKA along KANGUNDO road in MACHAKOS County. By November, 2013 the Society saw 50 members take possession of their serviced starter housing units built on a 40×80 ft plot each. We have settled another group made of 111 members in phase 1 project & we are currently working on settling phase 2 and 3 members in the same locality.

Our common bond is to uphold the Bible as the standard of our lifestyle and relationship with each other.


Core Pillars

  • Co-operation
  • Sacrifice
  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Excellence


Our Mandate

To set our members on affordable home ownership and sustainable wealth creation through synergistic mobilization of resources of social transformation.


Our Way

  • To train members on prudent financial management
  • To promote disciplined saving culture among members
  • To empower members to create wealth for generations
  • To help members embrace healthy lifestyles
  • To invest members’ savings in viable enterprises
  • To restore human dignity by transforming our neighbours’ lives
  • To equip our members to become global citizens